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OASA is honourably be invited to CVCF as one of the speakers. Our Chairman, Prof. Gregg Li and Vice Chairman Perry Lam gave two presentations on the New Space Economic Investment and Mentoring Program Workshop. Watch the playback below:

How to Get the Best Out of Your Angels and Mentors - Sharing from a Silver Angel

by Prof. Gregg Li

Good mentors are worth their weight in gold, but only with the right mentors.   A good mentoring relationship is like a dance. When the dancer is ready, only then the teacher shall be present.  It takes two who can dance to the same rhythm.  Do you hear your music playing?  Does your mentor? Where’s your angel and mentor?

Gregg, or Dr G or Coach G for short, has mentored hundreds, and along the way, have mentored luckily a few giants in his field.  In this short session, Dr. G will share a few stories and suggest a few paths young entrepreneurs can take along their journey.   How to get the most out of your mentoring relationship depends on you.  Your angels can only show you a direction; only you can walk through your door.  Finding a good mentor depends on both and being in the right place at the right time.

You’ll learn more about:

• Your journey of serendipity?

• Where to find great mentors and angels?

• Building stronger trust through communication and signals

• Building and nurturing an ongoing relationship

• Ending the relationship

* Please start from 1:14:27

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The NewSpace Economy: Hitting the Sweet Spot in 2022

by Mr Blaine Curcio, Mr Perry Lam, Prof Quentin Parker and Mr Joseph Jeong

The NewSpace Economy has recently arrived in Asia. Starting in 2022, other than the rapid commercialisation of Space Tourism, Space Data, and CubeSats, investing in scalable space technologies is now within reach for entrepreneurs and investors. Learn from pioneers, astrophysicists, and venture capitalists why this is the next game in town.

* Please start from 1:34:02

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Summary of "The NewSpace Economy: Hitting the Sweet Spot in 2022"